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Nudity can be confiicting, the most natural state of being, but the one that spends most of the time artificially covered up. Some of the subjects here are bonded by repetitive patterns like how we can end up bonded by routine: getting up in the morning, maybe showering and throwing on some clothes before heading to work. On the other hand, when the human body is revealed, it represents beauty, sexuality, carelessness, freedom, exuded by other subjects who are very much in control of themselves, embracing and fiowing with their surroundings.

I began shooting this different kind of nude in the ‘70s when he was doing editorial work and shooting architecture. Always drawn to the nature of symmetry and shape, these ten photographs present a stark confrontation between organic and geometric forms, while also evoking the internal confiict between the trapping comfort of repetition and how much freedom, sexual or otherwise, is actually possible.